Don't Mourn. Organize.

Gosh I feel shocked about the passing of Andrew Breitbart, and the responses (such as this one) to his death make me wish I'd met him (both those from his friends and the unbelievably vile and uncivil comments from his adversaries).

This is the way I thought of him:
He picked fights for fun and profit, but most of all for patriotism and an honorable sense of indignation at the hubris and hypocrisy of the mainstream media and the Left. We didn’t agree on everything and we differed on style. Hell, everyone differed with Andrew when it came to style.
What he mostly reminded everyone is that you don't have to just sit there and take it.

I think American Digest has the best "response," however, to the extent that any response other than prayers for the deceased's soul is ever apropos. Over the image at right (shamelessly pinched from here), he writes:
Don't Mourn. Organize. --Joe Hill.