The Oppressed

"Marriage 2.0" from The Ryskind Sketchbook

Check out the cartoonist's commentary, too. His remark about heterosexuals never knowing pure love isn't merely sarcastic. First we had to say homosexuality wasn't sinful. Now we have to say it's just as good as heterosexuality, and the new frontier -- already upon us, as I've seen it asserted several times-- is that homosexuality is to be preferred.  My state senator, eg, in his response to me about the recent same-sex marriage fight in Maryland, argued that he was supporting the redefinition of marriage because in his experience, same-sex relationships are often more stable than "traditional" ones.

Meanwhile, in marriage news: I trained to be an official petition circulator for the MD referendum on marriage last night. The process isn't difficult, but it's tricky.

 NOM is crowing about taking out the first of the 6 NY state senators it has targeted for caving and redefining marriage in NY.