Sophomore Uses Wikipedia For Research Paper

I keep tellin' ya the Prez' speechwriters are sophomores who speak in cliches and misquote history. Here's the latest egregious example. It's not just that the Prez maligned Rutherford Hayes using something he never said, it's that the entire speech came from Wikipedia.
I was interested in the rest of Obama’s yukfest of history’s biggest idiots. Considering that he is (in the words of historian Michael Beschloss) “the smartest guy ever to become president,” the entire passage sounded as if it was plucked straight from one of those “Top Twenty Useful Quotes for Forward-Looking Inspirational Speakers” websites. And whaddayaknow? Rutherford B. Hayes, the TV flash in the pan, the horse is here to stay — they’re all at the Wikiquote page on “Incorrect Predictions.” Fancy that! 
I would flunk a student who turned in such work.