A Most Tragikal History

Yesterday was Talk Like Shakespeare day and I missed it. Fr. Z. did not, however. If it has occurred to you that the standoff over the Conscience Crusher mandate between Planned Parenthood and its political minions in government on the one hand and orthodox religion of any stripe led by the U.S. bishops on the other is high drama, you should read A Most Tragikal Hystory of Obama I over at his place.

Dars’t thou, sirrah, Cardinal though thou be
question here my dark theology?
Twenty years sat I with mine ear bent
to preaching liberational from forth
the lips of one who did not flinch to hurl
harsh curses and revilement on our folk,
this nation great once under one sole god.
Cardinals and bishops may embench
in councils sour, my rulings to defy.
My ministrix of Heath and Services,
Sabellian mayhaps, and heretic,
has writ that thine objecting cohorts dress’d
in purple gowns must swiftly knuckle down
with all thy conference. Make it so, I say!
Make no mistake. I say my will be done!
A scholar constitutional am I,
as thine own institutions gladly hail.
Did Jenkins, in the famous marian halls
of learning high, obsequious with praise,
on my most worthy neck not mantle drape?
These nuns thou seest here gathered at my back
before the cameras still and video,
attest to Magisterium apart,
no role for bishops left. Thou shalt comply
or see both Church and clergy slowly die.
Seek paths obedient or feel my wrath.