Sally Quinn, Strange Medicine Woman

Sally Quinn ignorantly takes up the cause of the liberal nuns the Vatican has just politely but firmly corrected. I don't mind that people know nothing whatsoever about Catholicism, really I don't. It's a free country. But Holy Hannah on a Banana can you do a little research if you're going to talk about it? You people embarrass yourselves. To wit:
While the “radical feminist” nuns were taking care of the poor and the sick, what were the priests and bishops doing? More than a few were being accused of sexually abusing children and covering up for each other.
Excuse my French but bull#$%!
A) Yes, Dear, the nuns were rebuked for feeding the hungry. Even though the document says this in the 2nd paragraph!:
The Holy See acknowledges with gratitude the great contribution of women Religious to the Church in the United States as seen particularly in the many schools, hospitals, and institutions of support for the poor which have been founded and staffed by Religious over the years. . .While recognizing that this doctrinal Assessment concerns a particular conference of major superiors and therefore does not intend to offer judgment on the faith and life of Women Religious in the member Congregations which belong to that conference, nevertheless the Assessment reveals serious doctrinal problems which affect many in Consecrated Life.
If one had any interest whatsoever, one could read the true reasons the leadership -- not every member-- of the LCWR is being brought to heel. If.

B) That's a cheap dig at an entire church for the sins of fewer than 2% of its clergy. But since you brought it up, as Fr. Z. points out, this particular umbrella group of nuns is guilty of cooperating in the cover-up of abuse by some of its women religious, as one might know if one googled "Leadership Conference of Women Religious." Apparently the standard is that if an orthodox bishop covers up a crime it's horrific (it is), but if a Mother Superior who supports abortion, womyn priests and the like does so, it's no big whup.

As long as we're taking the cheap shots here, I cannot take Sally Quinn seriously ever since I read this piece of hers in O magazine while waiting for my son to get his braces adjusted. In it she reveals that she came to some kind of religious faith because the spirit of her dead mother gave her an orgasm as she was lying down in a labyrinth. At least I think that's what she said....see page two.

No one who says that gets to call my religion weird.