The African American Vote

Wouldn't it be fascinating if the first African American president turned out to be the wedge that pried "the black vote" loose from the Democratic party? I'm not suggesting there will be a wholesale exodus anytime soon, but in elections margins count. Bush didn't win the Hispanic vote outright, but he won enough of it to prevent Kerry from winning, eg. Wedge issues cause people to think anew.

Therefore the opening graf of WaPo's Obama Decision on Gay Marriage Divides Local Residents is interesting.
Willie McMillan and Charlie Hudson are buddies, African American men who were thrilled beyond compare when they had the chance to help make Barack Obama the nation’s first black president. They both believe same-sex marriage is an affront against God, a sin that simply cannot be condoned. As of Wednesday evening, McMillan has switched sides and will vote for Mitt Romney for president, whereas Hudson is sticking with Obama.