Obama Hates Black People

It is not precisely "news" that the President supports same-sex marriage, although he publicly admitted it for the first time today. I cannot imagine a more politically self-destructive move. My God, man, just yesterday same-sex marriage met its 31st straight ballot box defeat in North Carolina, largely at the hands of black voters. The very next day you take the stage to rebuke them as bigots?

How many Dems running for office in the South and Midwest will now feel they must distance themselves from the Prez? I think he just kissed off re-taking or retaining either house of Congress.

Update: Andrew McCarthy w/ exactly Mr. W's reaction:
It is not the late breaking news that the current occupant of the Oval Office is the most self-adulatory president — perhaps, person — in our history. But, since the whole country was aware that his “evolution” on gay marriage was a con-job, I can’t help but see the bracing part of his statement today as the assertion that the United States armed forces fight not for the United States but for him (Him?)