Could This Only Happen In Utah?

SHIFT (Secular inquiry, Humanism and Free Thought), a student group at (apparently) the University of Utah, recently sponsored Sextravaganza, a seminar on the interaction between sex and religion.

A psychology professor declared in her presentation:
Diamond opposed the idea that traditional, patriarchal Judeo-Christian marriage is the best option, and said winning same-sex marriage rights won’t do much to further equality.
“We should challenge marriage … I do want to slowly poison and destroy the marriage institution,” she said. “We’re saying that we deserve our rights as long as we are just like you.”
Blah-de-blah. I don't want to get into the argument right now, merely to ask whether what follows strikes anyone else's funny bone as it did mine:
“I’ve never heard this point of view but it makes so much more sense,” said Anna Ungerman, a sophomore in health sciences. “Same-sex marriage isn’t the goal — it’s getting rid of the traditional, religious-based marriage structure.”
I'm just trying to picture this. I see some naive fallen away Latter Day Saint, sheltered all her life, but eager to drink in all that a university education has to offer. So passively receptive of authority is she that someone says, "We don't actually care about all that equal rights crap. We want to destroy marriage," and she says, "Huh. Makes sense." 

Improbable, says I.

I love this too.
“In Utah especially, sex is downplayed,” he said. “We want to educate the general public and let people know that sexuality is a normal human function.”
Do atheists know where babies come from? 'Cause I'm pretty sure all those huge Mormon families out there have figured it out. And they don't need all-day seminars to do it.

Not Utah, but as long as we're on gay marriage: Yay, Oz!