In Which Kindness Dispels the Grumps

Mr. W. had an outpatient procedure this morning. I'd have felt sorrier for him had his alarm not awakened me at 5 a.m. on a morning I felt supremely sorry for myself for not only NOT having a holiday because Girl Weed's school is not off, but also for actually having to run the carpool earlier than usual for reasons having to do with pre-teen ditziness.

I'm sitting at home trying to think of something intelligent to say about the 40th anniversary of Roe next January for a journal deadline I'd completely forgotten about and trying to finish before nursing duties commence (ever heard of a man cold?) and wondering when to get the groceries -- before or after picking kids up from school which is not off today did I mention-- and where did I stash the long pants last summer 'cuz it's cold all of a sudden and there's one more thing to do.

Phone rings: what now?

"I'm at the grocery picking up a prescription, can I get anything for you?"
"May I text you a list?"

Husband of the Week and it's only Monday.

I might even be nice to him when he's whinging later.

Update: AND he brought me flowers, did the afternoon carpool run, is buying take-out so I don't have to cook, and gassed up my car for the week so I don't have to do it at O-dark-hundred tomorrow.