More Bellwethers

Remember the second anecdote here? Here's a parallel incident. Mr. W. had lunch with a colleague from the agency where he worked during the Bush Admin. The guy was filling him in on office gossip and said that one of the most competent, hard-working, honest, straight-laced employees the agency had --an African-American woman anyone would be proud to have working for him and likely showcase-- has been fired by the Obama people. No doubt because she was on the ethics staff at the agency. They booted her down and shuffled her to the all-but-defunct-under-Obama Faith-Based office. Mr. W. was horrified as was the guy: you just don't do that to such a person, though obviously her rectitude was a problem.

We don't have her words on the subject, but wanna bet she's not voting for Obama?

In Iowa (Instacurtsy), 13 private citizens took out an ad apologizing for voting for Obama and laying out a case for Romney.

Private citizens apologizing for votes! Do you remember anything like that ever happening? Oo, which reminds me -- less amazing because the guy is a bazillionaire, but here's a private citizen whose ad buy is just....beautiful.

On the other hand: Michigan, Oy.