Not Optimal Judgment

The Right has been up in arms all day about the President's remark that the deaths of our men in Benghazi were "not optimal." Even Mark Steyn, who doesn't usually take cheap shots, (though to be fair, his shot is at the press, not the President), highlights the distress of one of the men's mother.

Isn't that like the left exploiting Cindy Sheehan -- another distraught mom-- against Bush?

Everyone uses euphemisms to describe deaths, and the President saying "not optimal" is not a gaffe any more than Romney's "women in binders" is. Stop playing small-ball, people. The issue is that those deaths were probably needless and that the Administration lied to us for two weeks about their cause.

Tell you what IS a problem: choosing a fluff/comedy program like the Daily Show to talk about the deaths of American public servants.

The poor judgment was in the booking, not the vocabulary.

P.S. On the binder thing. It's not that surprising, come to think of it, that the Left doesn't know binders are what resumes used to be stored in.