Prince of This World Is A Dem Donor?

JZ Knight, a top Democratic donor, is caught on tape saying charming things like, "F--- you Catholics, we will come on you in a terror" and "We will bring… St. Peter’s temple down and we will swallow it in the sea.” Folks are saying the Dems should return her checks.

My interest is a little different. In Washington state this woman is considered "a spiritual leader" and the videos show her "preaching" to an audience. I don't recommend you watch the videos. I couldn't take more than a few seconds. It's not just that the language is foul. That guttural voice, the wild, unfocused look in her eyes. She appears to me to be strung out on something....or possessed. Seriously. She's a Medium of some kind and one doesn't open oneself to "spirits" without baaaaaad consequences.

Not to make light of a deeply creepy situation and the sadness of any soul being entrapped in the kind of hate and rage on display, but I have an image of Linda Blair spitting pea soup, spinning her head, and then telling Fr. Karras she'll match any donation to the Democratic party.