When Activists Are Funny

The utter BS that Planned Parenthood does mammograms won't die. So tomorrow is national Call Planned Parenthood and try to schedule a mammogram day.

THURSDAY, OCTOBER 18, 2012: Schedule your imaginary mammogram at Planned Parenthood! We all know Planned Parenthood DOES NOT PERFORM MAMMOGRAMS. However, President Obama, Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards, celebrities in Hollywood and countless Planned Parenthood supporters claim over and over that they do. They absolutely refuse to admit that the largest abortion organization in the country does NOT PERFORM MAMMOGRAMS. We'll prove it.

Call 1-800-230-PLAN to get your local Planned Parenthood center.

Likely conversation?
PP: "Thank you for calling Planned Parenthood, how can I help you?"
Caller: "I'd like to come in to your clinic for a mammogram."
PP: "We do perform clinical breast exams, and we refer out for mammograms, but we don't perform them in the clinic."
Caller: "What? But Barack Obama said you guys provide mammograms!"
PP: "We don't. We refer out for them."
Some folks have gotten started early. Read their accounts on the page.
TRUTH BOMB: Planned Parenthood is a level-one breast service provider. This means they are not only unequipped to perform mammography... it is ILLEGAL for them to do so. The extent of their breast health services are manual breast exams. They refer out for mammograms, but they DO NOT PROVIDE THEM.
 Let's just make stuff up about women's health. Who the hell cares? It's only women

Update: FDA letter 6/4/12 documents how many PP clinics are licensed to perform mammography. (Hint: 0).  Anyone who tells you women rely on PP for mammograms is lying or ignorant.