Calling It For Romney

This Obama ad thrills me.

Mostly because it is the latest in a series of increasingly desperate emails I've received all weekend from the Obama campaign. This one, from the President, comes mere hours after an email promising me he wasn't emailing me anymore. They are really worried.

Plus it's an anti-Bush ad, not an anti-Romney ad.  What Mr. W. describes as the most fear-mongering, hateful, terror-inducing, malicious campaign cannot scare people with Romney. They feel they have to appeal to whatever latent hatred of Bush is out there.

But the best part -- the absolutely delicious thing-- is that after 12 years, I have finally heard Progressives admit that Bush won the 2000 election.

Update: post-election, when the above crowing has been proven ridiculous. I realize now I misread the signs. The Obama campaign bombarded me with 3-5 messages a day. The Romney camp I rarely heard from -- 1/week at best. I read that as desperation v. confidence. It was actually competence versus incompetence at basic ground-game politics. Lesson learned!