Courtesy As Pathology

Charles Murray finds -- and fisks-- an article in a feminist quarterly about "benevolent sexism," by which is meant what normal people call good manners. The feminists document that:
benevolent sexism was indirectly associated with life satisfaction for both women and men
but still think it must be crushed because...well, I'm not really clear why. What makes women happier is not permitted?

Murray asks:
When social scientists discover something that increases life satisfaction for both sexes, shouldn’t they at least consider the possibility that they have come across something that is positive? Healthy? Something that might even conceivably be grounded in the nature of Homo sapiens?
Speaking of the absence of good manners, here is my old fuddy-duddy shocked rant of the hour. There's a certain raw word for "bum" that is in use everywhere now. It's a mild word, but it nonetheless rings coarse in my ears and I can't help thinking less of people who use it casually, instead of saving it for an occasion when it is the only right word. I blame the physical trainers. We used to work our "glutes," and go for "buns of steel," but now we have to work our bu---s off, and it takes all the sting out of a good swift kick in the, you know?

What's even worse and I encounter all the time now --strangely, from otherwise genteel, sweet ladies-- is people who are constantly saying things are so funny they almost became incontinent. Why, oh why, would you say such a thing? Blech.

Come, Lord Jesus!