Who Recalls I Corinthians 13:5?*

Jeepers, People. Give it a rest. All over the internets since Thanksgiving I've seen the claim that Obama didn't mention God in his Presidential Proclamation again this year. Which I guess goes to prove no one on my side of the equation ever reads anything, either, but instead are all too eager to believe the worst.

In the interest of correcting the record, therefore, here's said proclamation, in which by my quick count he mentions God twice, the Creator once, providence once (the latter two not in his own name I grant you) and closes in the Year of Our Lord to boot.

He made virtually the same proclamation in 2011, and 2010, so it's not even true he hasn't mentioned God for four years running. He didn't mention God in 2009 (except as someone Washington and Lincoln believed in) and he got roundly smacked for it, learned his lesson, and has been sure to mention God ever since.

So bollux on that.

Ditto getting the vapors over his making the sign of the cross over the pardoned Thanksgiving turkeys, in which he was only doing what I and many Catholics do all the time -- pretend to absolve or pretend to bless stuff. It's an homage, not an insult.

If you want to argue that his Thanksgiving proclamation is less than heartfelt, that he's phoning it in, or that the pardoning of the turkeys is kind of crass in itself, I agree with you. But c'mon, internet Christians.

You're better than that. Don't say things that aren't true. And don't be so hasty to take offense.

*[Love...] is not rude, it does not seek its own interests, it is not quick-tempered, it does not brood over injury...