America Has Officially Jumped the Shark

National Father's Day Council names Bill Clinton Father of the Year. There is no coming back from that folks. Sucking up I understand, but how are they not too ashamed to do this?

Update: totally different topic, except related to this nation jumping the shark. The French are having massive demonstrations in defense of marriage against the government's effort to foist gay marriage on them. I keep asking myself how it is that the French turn out to have a healthier sense of what marriage is than Americans do? That is, the French, who won't work for a living, can rouse themselves to defend marriage. Even their gays are defending marriage! Here's a gay author being interviewed:
The law they're proposing, this marriage for all; I have to take pause. I have to wonder, "who's this law for?" I say to myself, "is it made for homosexuals?" I live in Provence and I work in Paris. I know very few homosexuals who wish to marry beyond the PACS (civil unions) they already have. In fact the number of people in PACS unions in France, couples of the same sex, is minimal. Therefore who's this law for? If it's for the 5,000 people who live in the district of Le Marrais, then it's just a militant act. But behind it all, it must be a question of the child.
Freedom, equality for all?
Me, I'm not part of any political party or any association. For me, the question behind this, the fundamental issue, is the child. Among the responses I've heard, I've had this business of freedom and equality. Then I pose this question: What of the freedom and equality of the child? The child won't have its equality vis-a-vis its friends in school. Its peers may have divorced and blended families, but they have, at least, a father and mother.
So it seems the French are serious about vive la difference! And more realistic and accepting of simple biology or nature, as we might say. Why is that? Is it because even our radicals are actually puritanical, unable to cope with the realities of the body?

And the French high court just repealed the loony French president's soak-the-rich confiscatory tax plan. When the French evidence more common sense than you, you need to rethink your life, my beloved country!

Update 2:  More than a million Frenchmen can't be wrong?  French police report more than a million people demonstrating against gay marriage near the Eiffel Tower.

Update 3: Mon Dieu! Now the French are stepping up against al-Qaeda in Mali.