Noted Boomer Dies

Intellectually, which is all I'm asking. Here is former atheist A. N. Wilson's jeremiad against what his generation hath wrought.
I imbibed all the liberationist sexual mores of the Sixties as far as sexual morality was concerned. 
I made myself and dozens of people extremely unhappy — including, of course, my children and other people’s children.
Not only has he died as a boomer, he predicts imminent Boomer death.
My guess is that the backlash will be even greater in the wake of the whole Jimmy Savile affair, and in reaction against the miserable world which my generation has handed on to our children — with our confused sexual morality, and our broken homes.
Our generation, who started to grow up ‘between the end of the Chatterley ban and the Beatles first LP’ got it all so horribly wrong.
We ignored the obvious fact that moral conventions develop in human societies for a reason.
We may have thought it was ‘hypocritical’ to condemn any form of sexual behaviour, and we may have dismissed the undoubted happiness felt by married people as stuffy, repressed and old hat. 
But we were wrong, wrong, wrong. 
Two generations have grown up — comprising children of selfish grown-ups who put their own momentary emotional needs and impulses before family stability and the needs of their children. 
However, I don’t think this behaviour can last much longer. The price we all pay for the fragmentation of society, caused by the break-up of so many homes, will surely lead to a massive rethink. 
At least, let’s hope so.
That from the Daily Mail. The Guardian, by contrast, wants to normalize pedophilia.

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