The Vatican's Anti-Nazi Financial Plan

This is fascinating. At the start of WWII, the Vatican transferred much of its assets out of Nazi-held countries into the U.S. a new study reveals.
The documents show that at the beginning of World War II, the Vatican lost no time in transferring its bonds and gold reserves from areas that were faced with the threat of Nazi occupation to the United States. The U.S. became the financial base from where the universal Church was sustained and administered, with another ten million dollars being invested in the American economy.
But that's not all: 
As Nogara’s Washington contacts confirm, as of 1939, the Vatican invested enormous sums of money in US Treasury Bills, in important manufacturing and technological companies, in companies such as Rolls Royce, the United Steel Corporation, Dow Chemical, Westinghouse Electric, Union Carbide and General Electric. Patricia McGoldrick even speaks of a flow of money from the Vatican, being used to fund the U.S. war industry which helped in defeating the Nazis.
That Pius XII was personally responsible for the rescue of more than 860,000 Jews is now a matter of record -- and now it turns out the Vatican was helping the war effort directly. So can we stop with the crap about Hitler's Pope already?