Two Sonnets And Absolutely No Haiku

I ain't sayin' they're Shakespeare, but they aren't the useless haiku most English teachers assign, either. Three cheers for Girl Weed's Literature teacher.

The Golden Trio, by Girl Weed or Rose Among Thorns

Of Ronald Weasley firstly do I sing,
He stays with friends forever from the start.
He perseveres, so teammates call him "King" --
He represents the value of the heart.
Hermione Granger, now of thee I speak:
The brightest witch of any age or kind.
Cool logic serves thee, never finds thee weak --

You show us the potential of the mind.
Now Harry Potter, called the Chosen One
The boy whom Voldemort conspires to kill;
He never gives up, not until good's won--
And this displays the power of the will.
Thus in the Golden Trio, comrades three
Heart, mind, and will unite for all to see.

A Director's Struggle, by Girl Weed's Friend after a day trying to shoot a movie

I sit in my director's chair and yell, 
"Quiet on the set!" Silence falls. I sigh. 
"Take your places people!" Brriinnngg! goes the bell.
Actors: bad. I try to stay calm... I cry.
"Let's try it again. Take it from the top."
Back on set, characters flunk. I cry more.
My lead is daydreaming, I throw a prop. 
"I give up!" I leave and slam the door.
I think of those poor unfortunate souls,
Go back in and find repentant faces.
They start to shape up; I guess they aren't trolls
But they still lack in so many places.
 Eventually, through blood, sweat, and tears
We wrap a film enjoyed for many years.