In Which My Eyes Are Opened

My Spy in New York sent me a link to a British blog that 'splains something I haven't been able to figure out -- namely, why David Cameron is so desperate to redefine marriage in Great Britain. That he should be pro- gay marriage isn't surprising : everyone's a libertarian now, but what the heck is the urgency I haven't been able to understand.

The answer was supplied by EUreferendum today. And it is that in 2010 the UK signed up to an EU solemn international treaty that requires parties to permit same-sex marriage. In the UK’s case, the deadline was June 2013.
And that is the real reason as to why Mr Cameron has invested so much political capital in the cause of “gay marriage”. Although we have not ratified Protocol 12, we have accepted unconditionally Recommendation CM/Rec(2010)5, and undertaken to implement it by June 2013.
Having made that commitment for the Chairmanship of the CoE, Mr Cameron has no choice but to see it through. In June, there is another Committee of Ministers to consider a report on the implementation of the Recommendation, when he is to be called to account for his earlier commitment.
Mr Cameron has no intention of disappointing his LGBT colleagues in Europe. Being the good European that he is, he will do what it takes to get his Bill through Westminister.

Should have guessed.