A year or so ago I told you about the Youngest Weeds' playwriting adventures, inspired by our family reading of Much Ado About Nothing & Macbeth. They were mostly naval plays, since we happened to be reading Horatio Hornblower in roughly the same time period.

Now the kids are reading the Lord of the Rings, so Youngest Weed and two collaborators have penned some 11 chapters of quite a good story. Its homage to Lord of the Rings is obvious, but I note some elements borrowed from Churchill's history of World War II as well -- which I happen to be listening to during commuter time. Little pitchers still have big ears.

Middle Weed is also working on a Lord of the Rings homage, The Stoned Swords, and here is its opening -- which I wouldn't have known about yet, except that Youngest Weed told me I must hear it because it's "Spectacular."

Twelve shall answer the seer's call;
Ten shall live and the others shall fall.
One will die at the unknown gate,
Another's hand shall carry his fate.
When darkness is total and all is fight
The one deemed bad shall carry the light.
Six of the swords will reach their place;
The final one depends on man's race.
Twelve shall answer the seer's call.
Ten shall live and the others shall fall. 

Don't know about you, but I'd read the rest of that story. He hasn't started it yet, though. He's mapping out the details of the plot.