Let's See If The Tomatoes Lie This Year

Against my better judgment (because it's cold, though the ground isn't freezing at night), I planted tomatoes today. More because the King Arthur Flour catalog has great tomato tarts on its cover and in its pages and I got desperate than good judgment.

This year we have a dog (a blue tick beagle), who is an awesome little gardener as it turns out. He adores rolling around in dirt and was quite useful for digging holes so long as I wasn't too particular about where in the bed they were, which I wasn't. That he's decided my thyme bed is his favorite outdoor nap spot is not necessarily to my liking, but as long as he refrains from digging up the tomatoes, peppers and squash, we'll be fine. I don't use nearly as much thyme as is growing.

Have had bad luck with heirloom tomatoes the past two years, so I played it safe and went with hybrids -- bad weather and delicate plants will not give mama gazpacho come July, I fear.