Breeding Traitors

The Obama IRS scandal keeps getting worse. It's now clear that the official policy of the Administration is to target enemies using the coercive power of the state (see this important post, too). I don't know why we're surprised. It's just Chicago machine tactics elevated to the level of the Presidency -- but here's another First Amendment freedom gone, right? No freedom of religion, no freedom of the press, and now no freedom of assembly.
  • The IRS even goes after adoptive parents, if you can believe it. 90% of adoptive parents are asked for "additional information" and 69% of them are audited (in comparison with millionaires, only 12% of whom are audited -- so now we know what "paying your fair share" means). Apparently the Administration not only wants to prevent any children from being born, it doesn't want people to have children by adoption either.
  • And it's not just the IRS, either. The FBI also comes after you if you are an ordinary citizen caught in public with an anti-Administration opinion.
Those are just a sampling of the amassing stories. Anyway, not the most important thing in the ongoing revelations and discussion, but this caught my eye in a story about how our intelligence agencies cultivate "contacts" (meaning spies, meaning traitors to their home countries).
A case officer also looks for prospects among individuals who seem to be in search of an ego, their spirits stamped flat by purges, cultural revolutions or protracted tax investigations (a favorite tactic of today's Kremlin).
The most dangerous thing about this Chicago mafia running our country is not its specific policies; it's that it's breeding contempt for law and teaching people -- and the most law-abiding citizens at that-- to hate their country.