Initial Reaction To Gay Day at the Court

Don't know what I think in detail (you know, apart from being outraged yet unsurprised) about today's SCOTUS decisions on marriage. It will take a few days to read and digest them. My impression based on quick skims through them?

Shorter U.S. v Windsor"We can't find a Constitutional right to gay marriage, but Phhhhbt!"

Shorter Hollingsworth "Citizens have no standing to amend their own state constitutions." 

They're saying we should be glad the Court didn't --yet-- find a Constitutional right to marriage, but Holy Return to Pagan Rome, Batman! What a crackpot judicial system they've given us. As Hadley Arkes says, it's worse than it sounds

Scariest statement of the day goes to the President -- who once again circumscribes First Amendment freedoms into a tiny right to profess faith privately-- when the issue is how individual businessmen and businesses will be treated where same sex marriage is law. He pretends to uphold religious liberty while gutting it.

Update: 12 of the Most Cutting Highlights From Justic Scalia's Dissent

So the Court didn't invalidate DOMA, only the section which relates to Federal benefits. This means that marriage, for federal purposes, has nothing to do with consummation of relationship or creation of a family, but is a business contract for the purpose of tax advantages and other bennies. "Love is love!"

  • Deacon Greg Kandra on what Obama really said about Churches & this decision. Yes, exactly. 
  • Interestingly Eldest Weed's friends on Facebook, who are on both sides of the issue, immediately took to mocking the Windsor decision, saying they were going to petition to marry each other in order to get benefits. One young man said he's going to marry himself because Love is Love after all. If they can see right through it, so can anyone. Or scratch that. I find the teenagers are much better than the adults at seeing through obvious cant in an Emperor's Naked kind of way. They're also at better at having respectful debates without assuming ill will on anyone's part.