New York's Creep-Off Election Gets Worse

Sex addict, much? The disgraced Anthony Weiner, candidate for Gotham's mayor,  has been caught sexting again, this time under the alias "Carlos Danger." This time he didn't even bother to deny it. Clearly the man has a problem. (And as I tweeted yesterday, who are these women who are so turned on by lewd photos of this nerdy little guy? When Mr. W. wants to excite me he sends me pictures of himself mowing the lawn or plunging the toilet. Or reading the Summa, but we needn't discuss my fetishes here.)

The truly unfortunate part of the story is that Weiner remains the best of the candidates. As my Spy in New York put it, he's running against:

Christine Quinn  ("married" now-- and newscasters blandly talk about her wife) is politically and personally dangerous. A strident (even the NYT wrote about her screaming, cursing tantrums)  she's also Liberal off the charts with a fine authoritarian streak.  

A few examples in point:  She wanted to, by fiat I think, shut down the one Chick Fillet (sp) in NYC after she heard the corporate owner's stand on gay marriage,  She is currently pushing several moves to tie the hands of the police bigtime and rumors are she wants to do that "living wage" thing that DC is currently battling. She will bankrupt the city, increase crime, and see a Wealth Flight.  Oh, and she's talked about  banning smoking on the sidewalks. Quinn will set us  firmly on the road to Detroit.
Whereas we all understand what Weiner will be doing on city time -- far less energy in the executive for all those measures he presumably also believes in.

Oh, wait, I think there's a Republican candidate? 

The R's have put up two [both running for Mayor]-- at least physically-- unattractive candidates who've hardly been heard from publicly 
And this I didn't know. In the race for Comptroller, we have a three-way between a "pasty uber-liberal Gay man, the disgraced Eliot Spitzer, and the Madam who procured him the call girl with whom he was disgraced.

As Andrew Klavan asks, can't New York do better?
It’s not that people like Weiner and Spitzer should be hounded and condemned for their mistakes indefinitely. Let them go about their business. Truly, let them thrive. But when it comes to choosing leaders, can the city really find no one better? It’s a representative government, after all. Why can’t New Yorkers find someone who represents them at their best?
Spitzer at least publicly is admitting he did wrong and pretending to be sorry. Weiner's not left his sins in the past and is clearly in the throes of a sexual addiction for which he needs an intervention, not an elected office.

Update: John Podhoretz: Hhhhallo. My name is Carlos Danger. You keeel my comeback. Prepare to die.