Content of Their Character?

At the March on Washington Anniversary, shamelessly pinched from here.

I wish it were possible to feel good about the March on Washington Anniversary, but they turned it into a pep rally for the Democratic party, not even inviting the only black U.S. Senator, Tim Scott

I still have a dream, but I look at this photo in the papers and ask myself if anyone in it actually wants to be judged on the content of his character?

(And then I see Lincoln and I say, ok, one. And how fitting it is that he dwarfs them all.)

If you can bear it, read Obama's and Clinton's speeches. They both pretend that the march toward racial equality is completely a product of the Democratic party -- as if it weren't the Republicans who crafted and passed civil rights legislation over the objections of the Dems. And as if there weren't a credible if disputed case that MLK himself was Republican. 

Then Obama has the gall to lecture us about jobs and the dignity of work -- he, the mighty job-killer on whose watch black unemployment and poverty has surged. And Clinton just did his classless stump speech crapola:
But a great democracy does not make it harder to vote than to buy an assault weapon. (Cheers, applause.) We must open those stubborn gates.
That made for some cheap facebook fodder, but I don't think it bears any reflection. Which requires more integrity or is more necessary for the survival of a free people? A person who commits voter fraud disenfranchises you just as much as a person who prevents you from voting. A person who will cheat at the ballot box will not restrain himself from any act of tyranny at all.  So, yeah, voter i.d. is more important to me than gun laws, because freedom itself depends not only on the integrity of the ballot box, but on everyone's confidence in the integrity of the ballot box.

And then a lot more claptrap about how progress is never-ending and America is always becoming. Which is, at bottom, another way of telling people that racial equality can never and will never be achieved. Some vision that is.