In Which Rand Paul Loses My Support

I rarely remember my dreams, and when I do they are deadly dull. I tend to dream things like: the alarm rings, I get up, exercise, shower and get dressed. Then the alarm actually rings and I lie there feeling cheesed off that I must go through all that again.

Every so often there's a doozy, though, and last night I dreamed I was falsely accused of murder and Rand Paul was prosecuting me while simultaneously running for President and I saw him plant the evidence -- very clumsily, right in front of me as he was taking my deposition pre-trial. I was acquitted, but the fact that he'd planted evidence against an innocent person in a murder trial had no effect on his presidential campaign. The dream closed with him smiling and glad-handing for the press as if nothing had happened.

Just for the record, in real life, though I have disagreements with the guy, I like Sen. Paul just fine and have no reason to doubt his character. I can even figure out where the incident comes from: Al Sharpton's been in the news because Tawana Brawley after a bazillion years has finally started paying the damages she was assessed for falsely accusing a fellow of rape (if you don't recall the case, Sharpton was the girl's champion even though her entire story was a fraud). I have no idea why my subconscious mind conflated Sharpton with Rand.

But it will be a while before I can look at him without stressing.