An Assualt Weapon Liberals Wouldn't Ban!


I was sure this had to be from the Onion, but no. Simcha Fisher writes: Super Caring Medical Student Designs Super Caring Uterine Assault Rifle, for the Ladies.

The post (filled with documentary links) explains how this IUD inserter works:

Because when your heart is just full of pain for the plight of women, the first thing you do is design a medical assault rifle that fires a copper barb through her cervix producing a continual low grade infection which will cause her uterus to expel any fertilized eggs, on the off-chance that sperm survived and an egg was released. Your goal is to make it so easy to use that you don’t even have to be a doctor.

Except the woman will probably end up at the doctor with heavy bleeding, uterine cramps, anemia, or a device that's traveled to other internal organs -- you know, all the typical side effects of the IUD.

But who the hell cares? It's only women.

(RTWT -- and P.S. from the comments, Simcha adds: "I like how the hand model is wearing a jacket and dress shirt, like he's the James Bond of IUDs. Poor Pussy Galore, she never saw it coming.")