What Happens If You Ask The School Board A Question?


You get forcibly removed from the room and charged with assaulting a police officer. Michelle Malkin has more details from other eye-witnesses. Essentially, at a meeting in Baltimore County about the Common Core curriculum, the county superintendent and various others would not take any but soft-sell questions.

This is a good visual for progressivism: rule by experts. The little people who dare to question are considered not citizens entitled to a hearing and an explanation, but little bugs getting in the way of progress. The audience appears to be on the guy's side -- he's applauded and there's some shouting in his defense. But they really should have all stood up and demanded he be allowed to ask his question.

If Common Core is so fabulous, how come its proponents aren't EAGER to answer any and all questions?

Fellow Marylanders, this is how eager your elected officials are to hear from you and serve you. Spread that video widely.