Rush Falls For It? Obamacare Is NOT A Market-Based System


My portion of the internet is crowing over this supposedly tough interview Jon Stewart did with Sec. Sebelius about the less than stellar roll-out of Obamacare. Supposedly Rush Limbaugh praised the interview -- that clip's everywhere too.  I haven't listened to the latter, but c'mon, people!

That is not a tough interview. That is what is called a set-up. From the very beginning of the healthcare reform process, everyone on the nationalized medicine side has said outright that they'd prefer a single payer system.

What is happening now is that everyone but everyone knows Obamacare is a train wreck (a Dem senator's words) and they are trying to claim the disaster is the fault of the "free market." As if Obamacare had anything to do with freedom or markets.

So what's happening in the clip above is that Stewart shows that Obamacare is a trainwreck and calls for a single payer system, and Sebelius, wink-wink, gamely tries to defend her program, says the word "market" about a thousand times, but then "called on it,"  smiles and says, well, this is the best we could do when our hands are tied because SOME PEOPLE ("the crazies," as Stewart styles them) insist on a free market system. This is the best the FREE MARKET can do.

Why do you think Sebelius agreed to sit for this interview, if not to spread the message that free markets don't work and precisely BECAUSE Obamacare is a failure, we MUST go to single payer?

Total bollux all the way around. People, don't let them get away with branding Obamacare as a product of the free market system. Do not.