Give The President What He Needs

| destroy himself and his Obamacare.

OMG, Republicans. When your political enemy is flailing, don't rescue him. Obamacare is an unmitigated disaster. WaPo knows it, and Bill Clinton and others are stating it all but openly. There is every reason to believe that come January, millions more people will be uninsured than before the law took place and people hate it and recognize that the President knew this would happen --people losing their insurance plans is a necessary step in getting them into Obamacare-- and straight-up lied about it for years.

Sen. Landrieu has proposed a "fix" that will kill the program, as that link above explains. (Or here's an explanation from the Conservative perspective -- either way.)

For the love of all that is holy, GOP-ers, do NOT oppose the Landrieu bill and propose your own alternative as this article says you are doing. If you do, the President will go the American people and claim, "We're trying to fix it, and Republicans don't want to help you at all."

Shut up, behave in gentleman-like manner, and tell the President, "Whatever you want to do to make good on your promise people can keep their plans, we will give you, as long as it doesn't raise taxes and government doesn't subsidize insurance companies, we are with you."

The Dems passed Obamacare without a single GOP vote, let them own it fully.  For once in your paltry, self-centered little lives, focus on people and families and not on your friends at the insurance companies  -- who were all eager to belly up to the Obamacare cronyism trough. Let everyone lie in the bed they made and just defend little people.

You are not going to do anything serious about Obamacare until you retake the Senate and/or the Presidency. Focus!

Update: Different point, but I am too lazy to do a separate post, and it's still about Obamacare. In this case, how they're trying to sell it to young people (at least in Colorado) with a revolting series of ads. So revolting that even the local Planned Parenthood assumed they were parody. Simcha Fisher with good commentary on that.

most amazing of all?  These ads are not fake. Not satire.  Not a mean-spirited dig meant to rub dirt in the wounds of real people with real needs.
Planned Parenthood of Colorado, however, assumed they were. 
They indignantly sputtered on Twitter:

Unfortunate that anti-obamacare folks are #slutshaming #women who use #birthcontrol  #GotInsurance #ThanksObamacare
So there we are, folks.  Things have gotten so awful that even the awful people can't tell if the other awful people are being awful on purpose in a good, compassionate, progressive awful way, or in the old-fashioned, mocking, whatevershaming awful way, because THEY'RE JUST ALL SO AWFUL.  Oh, sorry, am I awfulpersonshaming?  Am I moronshaming? Hey, give me a break.  It's been a tough year, and I'll take what I can get.
Race to the bottom, folks.  If you're lucky, you'll only be paying 300% more for your insurance when you hit the floor.
Worst case scenario? Obamacare is repealed by 2014 so the Dems have a chance to win re-election. Best case scenario? It stays and destroys our healthcare system and closes all Catholic hospitals (because what no one has focused on is there's not just the HHS mandate, there's also the massive regulatory burden on not-for-profit hospitals that is going to kill them all anyway, even if we win the right not to pay for anyone's abortion or casual sex in court).  Then a series of free clinics run by nuns will spring up in response to exactly the same kinds of needs that sparked Christians to create the very first hospitals -- and there will be a vocations boom because people will see that they are needed and want to give themselves out of love. And in 50 years, a re-birth of freedom!