Grandfather's Clause

The Official Cartoonist of Wheat & Weeds & I are collaborating on a song.  Here it is so far (subject to further tinkering).

My Grandfather's Clause
(With apologies to Henry Clay Work)

That Grandfather Clause was too large for the bill
So it stayed on the cutting room floor;
1000's of regs in the new ACA
But it couldn't take a single reg more.

I signed up on the morn that health-care-dot-gov was born;
Or at least, I most dutif'lly tried.
But the page. Stopped. Never-to-load-again
And my health plan died.

90 days on Obamacare
(tic toc, tic toc)
I'm not getting anywhere
(tic toc, tic toc)
The page. Stopped. Never-to-load again
And my health plan died.

That grandfather clause was a promise O made
To give cover to the House and the Senate
And Nancy Pelos' said, "We must pass this bill
'Cuz we'd like to find out what is in it."

It was truly a shock when I learned I'd lose my doc,
Still I won't say the  president lied;
But my plan. stopped. never to start again
and my healthcare died.

90 days on Obamacare
(tic toc, tic toc) Etc......

Sebelius said that my plan was no good,
Though it treated my cancer for years.
In short, it's the sum of all fears.

Cuz' my oncologist has been stricken from the list
And there is nowhere else to apply;
I am dropped. flat. can't-get-treated-again
Since my old plan died.

Stanford U 's now denied to me
(Tic-toc tic-toc)
And Cal University
(Tic-Toc, Tic-Toc)
I'm dropped. Short. Can't-get-treated-again.
Cause my old plan died.