Slammed For Being Open Minded

Here's an interesting interview with State Rep. Jo Jordan, an "out" lesbian who nonetheless voted against a gay marriage bill in Hawaii because its religious liberty protections aren't strong enough. I know nothing at all about this woman beyond what's here in this interview, so I don't know if I could vote for her or not, but she is clearly a person who takes her constitutional duty seriously, who genuinely wants to represent all the people, not just those exactly like her, and who takes the time to think issues through instead of leaping. We could use a LOT more of that not only in legislatures, but in all civic discussion. Love this:
When I walked in here, I said, all I have is my integrity, to do my best I can. And I’ve kept myself grounded in that. When this issue started arising, I had to think to myself, you need to stay grounded in what your root beliefs are. I’ve won an election, and sworn to uphold the constitution of the state as well as the United States. You have an obligation to this institution. You really have to think differently, because you are being watched and it is a position that you need to respect even while sitting in your seat.

I always have taken my personal hat off, my personal beliefs away from it, and said, "Look at the substance, what is the measure, have you heard all the dialogue, have you vetted everything? Have all your questions been answered? And are you willing to make a decision for the 1.4 million people in the state?" For your constituents, but also for the whole state.

Notice that her experience is that she expected hatred from the religious groups and love from the gay groups, and found the reverse: respect and dialogue from the religious groups and hatred that she wasn't merely their pawn from the gay groups. The comments on the article are pretty awful. She's being attacked viciously simply for wanting to pause and think things through.