Happy 11th Day of Christmas!

Jan Gossaert, The Holy Family (or "Mabusea")

In a homily to Jesuits at the Gesù in Rome: 

Pope Francis went on to discuss the great example of his holy confrere, St Peter Faber, whose sainthood the Holy Father officially recognized and proclaimed on December 17th of last year. “Under the guidance of St. Ignatius,” explained Pope Francis, “[the man who would become St Peter Faber, SJ] learned to combine his restless - but also sweet and even,” said Pope Francis, “exquisite sensitivity, with the ability to make decisions: he was a man of great desires,” Pope Francis said, “he recognised his desires and he owned them. Indeed, for Faber, it is precisely in the moment in which difficult things are proposed, that the true spirit that moves to action manifests itself.” Pope Francis added, “An authentic faith always implies a deep desire to change the world.”

Setting a marker with this excerpt to go back and study the full homily when it's translated. Pope Francis has made a series of interesting remarks about prudence, without necessarily calling it prudence -- but he often talks about the ability to take decisive action.