The Tomatoes Don't Lie, X

I should have picked it this morning when it was intact --during Mass a squirrel took a bite out of it-- but nonetheless the First Tomato of Summer has arrived. It was a big ol' beefsteak tomato, so there was quite a bit left to enjoy once the squirrely part was sliced away. It wasn't a total loss.

Looking over the data, it seems that even taking weather and variable planting dates into account, I pretty get much get tomatoes around Independence Day. Which is nice, because depending on how the country's going I can either have a nice, celebratory BLT or throw the bad ones at local politicians. Tomatoes: the nation's most patriotic fruit.

For record keeping purposes, however:  July 6, 2014.

And here are all those other years, minus 2013, when unusual rainfall more or less flooded the plants and depressed the gardener.

2013: no data
Years 2005-2010