"Math Class Is Tough"

Cosmo's going political. Not sure how that's a change. I haven't looked at a fashion mag except in the grocery line in decades, but last I looked they all promoted Planned Parenthood and fashionable liberal causes and fawned over Progressive candidates. Maybe they think we're so dumb we didn't understand they wanted us to vote for the people they lionized?

At any rate, "Amy Odell, Cosmopolitan.com’s editor, said she’s going to make sure the election is not “boring and difficult to understand.”

A blogger at the Independent Women's Forum observes this is insulting: 
Rather than addressing political issues with the seriousness they deserve, it looks like Cosmo is going to mislead women with biased, one-sided reporting and – oh yeah – a cool party approach. 
All I can think of is that talking Barbie withdrawn for insulting girls: "Math class is TOUGH!"

Not that it matters: it's only women.