Take Heart, Catholic Peeps

Cardinal Pell on what's REALLY happening at the Synod. Just listen.

Now ask yourself if you feel better or worse.

On the one hand, here are three reasons there was never any cause for hysteria.

1) If you're Catholic, you believe the Holy Spirit protects the Church from error in faith and morals and that the bishops of the Church teaching in union with the Holy Father will not go astray.
2) Plus, most of the guys at the Synod are solid JP II-BXVI men who were not going to simply capitulate to the culture.
3) Plus, that "relatio" document was a discussion document with no authority reaching no conclusions  at a half-way point of a synod that is a pre-meeting for the REAL meeting next year. Means zero in the long run.

However. That the orthodox bishops of the world should have to go out and try to rescue their own synod is extraordinary ... and requires explanation that is not just Vatican gossip.