Hasn't She Heard? The "N" is Silent.

K-Lo just posted my exact feelings to her FB page:
I need to get out of my mood where all I want to write in the column due in the morning is: REMEMBER NEVER AGAIN? Do you see what is happening to Christians in the Middle East? Do we see what is happening to religious freedom here? Are we asleep? Are we distracted to utter indifference? It's hell out there -- and here. And there's not even always a petition at Masses for these courageous souls ... Where are our holy hours for them? Where are out holy hours to save our own souls? Lord, have mercy ...
Doesn't she know? The "N" is silent (see posts tagged that way)!  

I suppose that's not a terrible attitude to have at the start of Lent, at least that last bit about the holy hours.