Love Lifted Me

Ascension of Christ from the Laudario of Sant’Agnese, Pacino di Bonaguida.
Shamelessly pinched from here.

Happy Feast Day! For your edification and enjoyment, here is Msgr. Charles Pope's homily for the occasion.

But, you may say, He is in glory while I am still here. How is it that I am ascended or ascending? Consider a humorous example using our physical bodies. When I get on an elevator and punch the button for the top floor, the top of my head gets there before the soles of my feet. But the whole body will get there unless some strange loss of integrity or tragic dismemberment takes place. In an analogous way, so it is with Jesus’ mystical body. In Christ, our Head, we are already in glory. Some members of His Body have already gotten there. We who come later will get there too, provided we remain members of His Body. Yes we are already ascended in Christ, our Head. We are already enthroned in glory with Him, if we hold fast and stay a member of his Body. This is the fellowship of the Ascension. 
It's not the feast of the Ascension in Rome, where Thursday is still Thursday, but there was a great occasion nonetheless, as the Holy Father canonized four holy women, including two nuns from Syria (the press is calling them "Palestinian," but as they lived under the Ottoman empire, that seems anachronistic to me).