Pretty good piece in The American Thinker about Planned Parenthood and blacks.  I have one quibble, perhaps it's more than a quibble, which is that the piece makes use of this oft-repeated-among-pro-lifers quotation: 

“We do not want word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population.”

I wish folks would quit citing that, because in context I don't think it means what it's purported to mean. It comes from a letter in which Sanger recommends recruiting black doctors and pastors to promote birth control to blacks not to hide an intent to exterminate the entire race, but because blacks were backwards and superstitious and likely to think that without one of their own to reassure them. 

Which is still plenty racist, I grant. And here's an abundance of actual quotations considering blacks inferior, and Sanger's actual "Negro Project" to make it unnecessary to muddle things with a juicy quotation taken out of context.  

The larger point, however: that Planned Parenthood targets the poor and desperate -- which in this country means targeting blacks and immigrants-- is well-taken. 

While Blacks make up 25 percent of the NYC population, 46 percent of abortions were Black babies. Shockingly more Black babies were killed by abortion in NYC than were born alive. By contrast, Whites make up 44 percent of the NYC population but only account for 12 percent of abortions. Margaret Sanger’s dreams are being realized. Where is the outrage in The Big Apple over #BlackLivesMatter?

Well, given the recent and ongoing exposure of Planned Parenthood for trafficking in fetal organs, it just goes to show that #BlackLiversMatter. 

Nate Beeler, shamelessly pinched from The Washington Examiner.