The Tomatoes Don't Lie, XI

Finally! I'm used to late June/ early July home-grown tomatoes, but this year only today --when summer is almost over-- am I finally harvesting the first tomato of summer.  The lateness is only partially a function of having planted late (May 30 v. early in May), because I also planted more mature plants than usual -- that factor should be more or less a wash. I think the late and paltry fruiting is more a function of it having been an exceptionally rainy summer ... a la 2013, when it was so rainy, hardly any fruit and I didn't even bother to note when or if I ever got a tomato.

So that makes two of the past three years have seen unusually cool, rainy summers where it was difficult to grow tomatoes. Does that count as a bellwether for climate change?

Last year's first tomato came July 6.  This is a full 5 weeks later.  Bah.

2015: August 14
2014: July 6
2013: No data
2012: July 5
2011: July 7
2010: July 23
2009: July 16
2008: July 12
2007: July 8
2006: July 5
2005: June 23

On the bright side, the rain has been great for the hydrangeas.