Trump's Failed Foreign Policy

Any Spanish speakers here? If so, you might be interested in this clip of Antonio Banderas receiving an award for Spanish-speaking cinema and using his time to thump Donald Trump and reassure Latinos that they have dignity and value. I am afraid we gringos have zero idea how much offense Trump gave all around the world in his comments about Mexico and Mexicans because we see him as a buffoon and don't take him all that seriously. But the Spanish-speaking world sees him as a candidate for President of the US who must speak for many Americans since he has a following.

I have been amazed at how many of my friends in other countries have been talking about -- and truly angered by-- Trump. Even friends who form part of the upper class in their own countries and have a hard time breaking free of upper class condescension to the very poor have been filling their Facebook pages with anti-Trump comments.

At one level Banderas' comments are an eloquent defense of the dignity of all those who speak, as he calls it, "the language of Cervantes." But he also seems to describe Hispanic culture as a beautiful and valid counterpoint to, and corrective of, American culture. That is, he goes beyond saying, we have something to contribute, be proud and seems to suggest the Hispanic or Latino identity trumps (forgive me) all other identities. That is not good from the standpoint of race relations generally and the country's ability to assimilate its Spanish-speaking immigrants. And the more Trump-like commentary we hear, the stronger attraction and force Banderas' suggestions will have.