Al Mohler Comes Around

Woah, Nellie! Dr. Albert Mohler, President of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, just gave a radio interview in which he said:
"We are clearly at a very important turning point, but you have to go back to the early twentieth century when sexual revolutionaries largely funded an effort to separate sex and procreation, and that was birth control," Dr. Mohler said.
Most Christians seem to think today that birth control was just something that came along as something of a scientific or medical development," Mohler said. "They fail to see that it was driven by moral revolutionaries who knew that you couldn’t have a moral revolution, you especially couldn’t have a sexual revolution, unless you could separate sex and babies."
Here's what he says about Evangelicals & divorce: 
Dr. Mohler, who released the new book We Cannot be Silent in October, said the second major development that undermined the family was the no-fault divorce "revolution."
In the six year period between 1977 and 1983, 39 states passed laws allowing either party to end a marriage for any reason, or no reason.
"That was massive," he said. "Evangelical Christians just didn't recognize it for what it was."
"You can't have anything like same-sex 'marriage' until you redefine marriage, eliminating it as a lifelong covenant," he said.
Yup. This is simple logic, not theology. Still, careful, Dr. Mohler! People who start noticing the Catholic Church was right all along on such questions generally end up "poping."