Things About A 75F Christmas

It's warm and raining in DC this week. I know half the world celebrates Christmas in warm weather, but for us it's unusual.

On the one hand, the geraniums on the porch, which have never needed changing out for Fall plants this year,  are blossoming, so that's kind of festive.

On the other hand, I cannot get in the spirit of the required bake-and-cook-a-thon for tomorrow's Christmas Eve gathering when the wind is not blowing through the drafty old house making the kitchen the place to be. I had to change into shorts and none of these cakes and pies and casseroles and such seem appetizing.

Think anyone would mind if I skipped the roast beast and roasted veggies and served nachos and cold beer tomorrow instead?

(Which reminds me: I never made the final tomato post of the year. I'll have you know I harvested the last tomatoes of the year the day before Thanksgiving.  That's weird, but quite gratifying, since I planted late this year and expected a piddly season).

Sigh.  Back to the oven.