Merry Christmas, Day 9

| to play. To play with a child, however, means abandoning our logic to enter his. If you want to have fun, you need to understand what will please the child, and not be selfish and make him do things your way. This is a lesson for us. Before Jesus, we are called to give up our claim to autonomy --and this is the crux of the problem, our claim to autonomy-- to embrace instead freedom in its true form, which is to know whom we face and whom we serve.
He, this boy, is the Son of God who comes to save us. He comes among us to show us the face of the Father, rich in love and mercy. So then let's squeeze the baby Jesus in our arms, let's immerse ourselves in his service. He is the source of love and serenity. It will be a good thing, today, when we go home, to visit the creche and kiss the baby Jesus and say, "Jesus, I want to be humble like you, humble as God," and ask him this grace.

~Pope Francis, my translation from General Audience for December 30