A Worthy French Woman

This is disturbing and frightening and heartbreaking. Listen to this lady --you will love her as I do-- describe how "open borders" and feckless government have destroyed Calais.

I've filed this under "a problem like sharia," but I don't think this is actually about sharia. This is just a barbarian horde like the kind you read about in Medieval history.

Update: Mr. W. sent this to friends in Paris for comment. The husband wrote back immediately saying he didn't have time to watch it, but he had friends in Calais who report, "blah, blah...." He proceeded to say pretty much exactly what is presented here.  A couple of days later he wrote that he'd watched the video and confirmed again that this is what he has also heard. He also said he's sent the link around because it's absolutely true that there is no conventional press coverage of this story.

So maybe send it to your French friends and do some good in the world?