Fine, I Am Just Going to Outright Schill For 30 Seconds


 We'll see in the next few contests who does better, Cruz or Rubio. But no one calls a serious pro-life, pro-religious liberty "tax payer superhero" an "establishment squish" on my watch.

Watch this. Listen to the beginning, where Rubio appeals to the principles of the Declaration and talks to "real" people who are struggling financially and worried about raising their kids. Listen to his good natured humor.

Listen to what he says about immigration and about national defense. At least watch the last few minutes, beginning around minute 30, where he talks about his family's experience and what it will take to unite the country --where he talks about "if you come to heckle me, I'm cutting your taxes too" and where he says he will never divide Americans against each other deliberately -- and yet at the same time, no Pollyanna, he admits that we'll have some issues we need to fight out.

Just really listen and see what you think.