Why Else Cruz Won

I for the most part agree with Ted Cruz' politics, but I don't trust his character.

He can't work with anyone.

He sold out persecuted Christians for fundraising purposes (shoot. link to the full article now dead, but you can get the gist here).

He wears his Christian faith on his sleeve and yet his campaign does this kind of thing:

Fake "voter violation" mailers.

And now Ben Carson says Cruz surrogates spread the false rumor that Carson was suspending his campaign. Watch the video.

“If Ted Cruz doesn’t know about this, then he clearly needs to very quickly get rid of some people in his organization,” Carson, who ultimately finished with 9.3% support in the Hawkeye State, said on Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends” Tuesday. “And if he does know about it, isn’t this the exact kind of thing that the American people are tired of? Why would we want to continue that kind of, you know, shenanigans?”
“At many of the precincts, information was disseminated that I was suspending my campaign, that I had dropped out, and anybody who was planning to vote for me was wasting their vote and, therefore, they should reconsider,” claimed Carson, who also pointed to tweets from Cruz surrogates that suggested the retired neurosurgeon was ending his bid.

I know politics ain't beanbag. And I also know you can't always control  your followers. But THAT is the kind of corruption and "insider" behavior -- all while wearing the mantle of trust and Christianity and principles-- that I am utterly exhausted by. 

Update: Oh, look. He's sorry/not sorry.