Comments to Paypal on Closing My Account

I closed my paypal account today. It took quite a while to even figure out how to do it, as the site's instructions are out of date and they are hard to contact except by phone. 

Yesterday I gave up, but today I was ticked off again enough to persevere.  Here's approximately what I told them in the "why are you leaving" comment box.
Sexual assaults on women are on the rise generally, and there is evidence that attacks on women in restrooms are likewise on the rise -- not so much by trans people, but by men dressed as women who take advantage of trans-friendly ordinances.
In response to this, the people of NC chose to defend an increasingly vulnerable population --women and girls-- from unscrupulous people who will take advantage of well-intentioned, but obviously stupid, policies.
As a woman myself, and as the mother of a daughter, I applaud them for this common sense protection, noting that a key proponent of the trans-friendly bathroom measure in NC is a convicted sex offender.
You do not have to agree with them, but you can show them the same respect you show the numerous countries you do business with which criminalize homosexuality outright, some even with the death penalty.
Paypal is a corporate hypocrite and bully, and that is why you've lost my business.  
 Update: deleted a lot of beside the point blah-blah about this not being a real problem -- or if it were, we'd have a more sensible solution.  Replacing it with David French's line:

Corporations have a right to their values. And I have a right to express contempt for their double standards and empty moral gestures. PayPal isn’t virtuous – it’s just fashionably greedy.